R.I.P. Germain

John's Newsagent - Closing Down Sale

Saturday 7 May 2022


John’s Newsagent – Closing Down Sale
Saturday 7th May, 5-7pm

John’s Newsagent is closing down on 7th May, marking the end of R.I.P. Germain’s exhibition, ‘Shimmer’.

Shimmer invites you in, not just to look, but to feel and to play — though what’s at stake, and what the game might be is up for question. It’s an installation, recreation, or maybe a mirage; layers of realities overcrossing one another in space and time, and two or more codes or sets of rules must be considered simultaneously to survive. Navigation is personal, walls have ears, and how you move through the space, and how far you penetrate the system will condition your experience of the work, as it does in the world outside.

R.I.P. Germain will give a tour of the exhibition during this event, offering the chance to hear more about the processes and ideas involved in the making of the work.