R.I.P. Germain


26 March – 7 May 2022



Opening night, Friday 25th March, 6-9pm

Two Queens is pleased to announce Shimmer, a new solo exhibition by R.I.P. Germain.

Shimmer invites you in, not just to look, but to feel and to play — though what’s at stake, and what the game might be is up for question. It’s an installation, recreation, or maybe a mirage; layers of realities overcrossing one another in space and time, and two or more codes or sets of rules must be considered simultaneously to survive. Navigation is personal, walls have ears, and how you move through the space, and how far you penetrate the system will condition your experience of the work, as it does in the world outside.

R.I.P. Germain is a Luton-based interdisciplinary conceptual artist, archivist and lecturer. His practice traffics in double meanings, deep resonances and a tension between accessibility and occlusion. Trickster and guide, he tries to dance a fine line: making work that speaks to deep truths without cheapening them with explanations or flattening them out for easy consumption. Sedimented with layers dense with cultural meaning and reference, the extensive research undergirding R.I.P. Germain’s work draws from multiple genres of Black experience, history and culture – personal and collective, seeking to make art that is rigorous about his commitments and possibilities as a Black artist.

This project is made possible by public funding from The National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Image: Shimmer (production image) (2022). Image courtesy of R.I.P. Germain.