Kühle Wampe

Ghoüle Wampe 2: The Re-awakening

12 November – 27 November 2021

Project Space


Join Kühle Wampe as they – along with local historian Isaac ‘Spectral’ Witness – excavate plasma-demons from local Leicester landmarks – for your viewing pleasure. Documented in this historic hex transmission, they explore – Black Annis, weird goings on, murky old evenings, time sorcery and any number of ghosts. You best start believing in ghost stories Leicester, you’re in one!

kühle wampe is an amorphous collective with capacities to absorb and adapt – ready to aggregate. kühle wampe members are based between nottingham, birmingham, leicester & @ www.kuhle-wampe.co.uk
kühle wampe is amelia seren roberts, dinosaur kilby, craig david parr, joshua heathcote & james poyser.

This exhibition is part of Leicester Art Week, a programme of exhibitions and events taking place 12th-21st November – https://www.leicesterartweek.co.uk/ and has been made possible by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and contributions from partner venues