Esmeralda Valencia Lindström

The Stone Is Lying on the Path

10 May – 25 May 2013



Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom: The Stone is Lying on the Path
CUSP presents a solo exhibition by Swedish born artist Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom. Encompassing the use of objects, sculptures and video projections the artist will be presenting an installation that will form a cognitive negotiation of the moment, the space and its inhabitants.
“When we look at a chart or a map we do not look at the different elements wondering if their shared space seems full of the potential of their bodies colliding. Diagrams like maps and charts inhabit a different kind of space, but how does the air around a diagram feel?” Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom
By engaging with this type of physical experience and arriving at questions associated with proximity and distance, the exhibition will consider the interaction between person and object in the same divisive manner as a daydream – an act of detachment from one’s immediate surroundings where reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy.
Lindstrom, a 2011 graduate from the Royal Academy School, is currently based in London. Recent exhibitions include: The Opposite of What We Know to be True, 2013, Fold Gallery, London, Other Peoples Trades, 2012, Arcade Gallery, London and We Love You, 2012, Limoncello, London.