Rosa Aiello

Rosa Aiello Screening - Caryatid Encounters

Saturday 14 May 2022


Two Queens presents a screening of Rosa Aiello’s ‘Caryatid Encounters’ (2021), in association with Arcadia Missa.

The screening will be followed by refreshments and a live Q and A with the artist, please book your free place via Eventbrite.

Rosa Aiello
‘Caryatid Encounters’ (2021)
Approx 60 minutes,
Doors open 4pm, screening begins 4.15pm

“Come on in” to Helen’s frustrating and heart-bending world of one-on-one domestic encounters…where invasion, hosting, accommodation, support, and self-destruction combine and confuse. Meet Helen, a woman in distress, tens of thousands of euros in debt, her neuroses pushing her to a climax of interior discomfort. Will her new advertising job for Sanssouci Palace, or her invitation to prospective renters (delivered hot from the oven!) save her from her vanilla nightmares? Will one of her guests break through her lipstick ‘n’ blazer veneer? The exhibition, Caryatid Encounters is a personal journey made through an architectural symbol to answer the question: who is Helen, if she is not performing what she thinks is expected of her?

Starring Bitsy Knox as “Helen,” Caryatid Encounters was made with Laura Langer (AD); and Giacomo Gianetta (2nd AD); Co-produced and edited with Theta.Cool; cinematography by Mariel Baqueiro AMC; lighting by Jacopo Falsetta; location recording by Robin Rutenberg; wardrobe by Zoë Field; makeup by Lau Perez Bravo; set designed with Laura Langer; music composed by Tomás Nervi. Featuring, in order of appearance, Max Eulitz, Carolin Karnuth, Bob Kil, Luzie Meyer, Martina Römert, Laura Langer, Lau Perez Bravo, Robin Rutenberg, Giacomo Gianetta, Simon Baker, Tomás Nervi, Juan Pablo Larraín. Helen’s character and dialogue developed with Bitsy Knox. Letter design by Max Eulitz. Workout by PUMPKING. Sal’s dialogue written with Juan Pablo Larraín. Party music by Dylan Aiello. German translation by Elisa R. Linn; set construction by Lachlan Petras; food by Vivi Ableson. Thank you to Sanssouci for the use of the Palace.