Mudbelly Teaches, Ceramics Workshop with Taslim Martin

Saturday 19 August 2023


Saturday 19th August, 12.30-4.30pm
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Mudbelly Teaches is offering free ceramics workshops for African and Afro-Carribean descendent communities.

Delivered by Mudbelly Teaches, a roaming teaching facility offering free ceramics courses for Black people, taught by Black ceramicists. Mudbelly Teaches is an intersectional black queer feminist pottery space that seeks an intimate, reciprocal approach to learning. Across a range of locations and unique formats we offer free ceramics classes for Black people, taught by black ceramicists.

We are excited by the holistic potential of ceramics, recognising the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of working with clay. It is our belief that intentional spaces like this are needed, in an overwhelmingly white and classist industry in the UK, to disrupt the multifaceted access barriers which are caused by endemic racism. We rejoice in the profound possibilities of learning alongside one another.

Funding is available for those who may need help attending, including with travel, child care, disability assistance and translation.