Jala Wahid

Cry Me a Waterfall - Audience Talk and Closing Event

Saturday 28 August 2021


An Audience Talk and Closing Event to mark the end of Jala Wahid’s exhibition ‘Cry Me a Waterfall’.

4-5pm – Last chance to view ‘Cry Me a Waterfall’ followed by Audience Talk

The Audience talk is our take on an artist/curator talk, putting the emphasis on audiences having the opportunity to discuss the work on show, ask questions and express their opinions. It is a friendly and non-judgemental forum in which to enhance our understanding and enjoyment of the work that Two Queens commissions. All are welcome to attend regardless of their knowledge or willingness to take part – come along even if you just want to hear what others say.

5-7pm – Cry Me a Waterfall closing event

Jala Wahid will present a curated playlist of Kurdish Music videos and other pieces of found film within our gallery. The playlist will play on repeat throughout the event, feel free to drop in and out and join us for refreshments.

No booking is required for these events, social distancing and the wearing of face coverings is encouraged, if the weather is sunny we may hold the Audience Talk outdoors/in our front foyer which is well ventilated.