Anne de Boer & Eloise Bonneviot

, Cecile B. Evans

, Yuri Pattison

An evening of artists introducing their works.

Sunday 19 April 2015


Anne de Boer & Eloise Bonneviot, Cecile B. Evans, Yuri Pattison: an evening of artists introducing their works.
Four artists screen recent video works and will each give a short introduction to their practice.
A lot of nomenclature has been tossed around recently, much of it dancing around one of humanity’s biggest quandaries. What happens after we’re gone? Through hard experience we learn that human presence makes itself most strongly felt when it becomes absent. Grappling with the physicality of energy left in its wake, the videos (How happy a Thing can be, 1014, and Respawn) each confront possible realities of what might remain or even thrive in its consequence. Using very different methods of overlay, animation, and narration, all three embed an ‘after’ in original footage of deserted landscapes. Handheld devices, a hotel room in Hong Kong, and fungi are given space to cope with, reconcile, and evolve over what is left. The human’s absence takes on material dimensions, an elusiveness of humorously epic proportions settling in. Taken literally, in Margaret Atwood’s Backdrop addresses cowboy it is the skyline that speaks the loudest: “I am the horizon you ride towards, the thing you can never lasso”.  In admission that its form owes much to the silent figure, the backdrop says “I am the space you desecrate as you pass through.”
Anne de Boer & Eloise Bonneviot
Will present ‘Respawn’
Cecile B. Evans
Will present ‘How Happy a Thing Can Be’
Co-commissioned by Wysing Arts Centre and Radar, Loughborough University Arts

Yuri Pattison
Will present ‘1014’
Originally commissioned by Warren Harper & Jon Weston for ‘Digital Voices’, Oxford, UK. Supported by Arts Council England.
Sunday 19th April, 4-7pm
Doors 4pm, first screening 4.30pm
Tickets £2 / Free to Two Queens members
Places limited, pre-booking advised:
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