Simon Buckley

, Hardeep Pandhal

A TWO PERSON NO SHOW: The Self-defecating Soul and The Visiting Artist (#2)

Saturday 4 November 2017


Places are Free but donations are welcomed.

Presentation of a short video by Simon Buckley and Hardeep Pandhal of the artists in their studio, followed by a question and answer session via video link. In support of the exhibition “Co-Operation Show: The Best of Badworlds”

‘Cooperation’ is one of those words that is so synonymous with positivity and productivity, of harmony and understanding, but only seems to come up exactly when there’s a shortage, a failing, a lack of that which might otherwise escape without saying. They’re certainly not collaborators (although they have been in the past), but they share a studio space, and therefore, we would assume, must know each other at least a bit, or must have to cooperate day to day (even in the most tedious of real world capacities). I’d suggest that we’re not lured into looking for easy overlaps of interest (as they almost encourage us to do), as what seems really to unite their approaches is a shared set of disinterests; for each other, themselves and their viewer.

Through comic-like scrawls, quasi-doodles and rude cartoons, Buckley and Pandhal develop an assertion that between those who are willing to resist, mock and struggle exists a different kind of cooperation – that sometimes you look down only to find that the ladder is made of snakes.
This exhibition is part of a programme of exhibitions and events at Two Queens across 2016-18 kindly supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Leicester City Council and De Montfort University.